October 2000 archives
  29.10.2000 Just added another actor - Alex Friese - on my actors page of Jekyll & Hyde.    

I nearly forgot to update this page. I did a lot this time.

Jekyll & Hyde has a new structure and many new pages.
I started with Ethan Freeman and Darius Merstein.

What else? Ahmm - yes, I have a new link.
Random Thought which will have changing thoughts
and links that I like or heard.

Oh and of course I updated the about-me-page.
It's all I have to say about me and my interest. Nearly...

Enough for one weekend. Let's see where I start the
next time.

  17.10.2000 It's again... not as late as usual, when I sit here. I just rejoined the Jason Carter Webring and hope to find more Rings to participate in. Thanks Toffee, for moving the ring away from Yahoo... before I was finished.    

later the night

Iiiaks - just made a minor change at the Jekyll song pages and... learnt something new! Never have a layer above a button! Won't work with Internet Explorer...

Live is a teacher... or was it practise?!

Haha... I couldn't resist... Have a look at this page!


Hope you have as much fun
- as I had programming this.

  10.10.2000 More or less accidentally I activated a security password - I'm sorry - I just wanted to see what happens. I just erased it. - 14:40 h!    

Changed the domain and everything works fine now.
Even the Jekyll & Hyde pages...
"Ups" is all I can say. Tables can be complicated sometimes

1:30 am

So it is done
  - just uploaded
      the new homepage!

People - I am happy... even found some mistakes and corrected them already. Delighted I will sleep tonight and hope that somebody stops by...

If you find some more errors spelling or regarding the contents - please don't hesitate to contact me - mailto:tina@blondnblueeyed.de

Hey and leave a message in my guestbook, if you liked it here or not...




This will be the main word for my:
- Mel Gibson page
- Jason Carter part
- Michael T. Weiss and Pretender corner
- convention pictures
- and my favourite movie tribute

     But they will follow!


Ok - I promised to myself, I will finish this weekend.
No matter the cost.

More tea and then... don't stop till you finished!
I know some parts won't be ready - Conventions for example...
but on the other hand what are updates for anyway!


Hmpf - (don't ask what that could mean - just say it and you know it!)

Will I ever get all the small bugs out here?
Netscape is driving me insane.

  03.10.2000 Ok - did I write somewhere something about putting the English
songs of Jekyll & Hyde up later... geeze - why did I type them all !!!
later this night

Great - everything works out so far, as planned.
Jekyll & Hyde is growing: The Story is now finished
All that is missing there are pictures... tomorrow is
another day.

The girls fun story page is so far done incl. all links
inside that page. I finally see a progress here.


The "fight" continues... I do a lot here, but I think
I cut out some of the actors and finish what I have so far.

Sounds like a good idea. I still have so many pictures to
finish, scan and work at.


Still working late... changed more buttons and get lost
in Jekyll & Hyde! So many titles and songs to type, but
a good training for my typing abilities. Haven't done that
much typing in my job lately.

Nothing's forgotten, nothing is ever forgotten.
(Nice quote - Robin of Sherwood)


I just changed all the navigation buttons.
And my Jekyll & Hyde pages are beginning to look
the way I want it. I am listening again to the songs -
driven to finish this, what I started.
I have already 300 files and I haven't even started
with the pictures jet...

This is the Moment,
his is the day
when I send all my doubts
and demons on their way!

Every endeavour
I have made - ever
is coming into play,
is here and now - today!

I really do feel great...

  17.09.2000 Gosh - I forgot 2 links:
My so beloved Jekyll & Hyde and Lord of the Dance. Sh...,
So I have to update all pages manually. Thank god, I found
that now. But again, it's about midnight. Geeze, will I ever be
finished to upload this page into the great big www?
  16.09.2000 I got a new webcounter and a guestbook!
And the link pages are shaping.

2 pages are finished
If I keep up this "incredible" speed, I' never finish!
At least all the navigation buttons are finished now.

  14.09.2000 a new page is born:
The first buttons created, some rollovers programmed!
I am delighted and pretty proud of myself... finally some
inspiration hit me... ouch!

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