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I changed my guestbook! Still Lycos is working on it! this is the OLD LINK - Do not use it any longer! The Dreambook link on the index page is now the working one.

Thank you so much for your patience.
Something what I am not sometimes!


Pssst - don't forget to sign the guestbook!

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Sorry, Lycos is working on the guestbook - converting them!
So be patient and try again - shouldn't it work, sooner or later it will.
They promised me to be done by Thanksgiving. I sure do hope so...


Hm - again it's late, but as you can see - finally - I did work on some other pages than the Jekyll & Hyde part. (I do have more plans with it - but not as much time as I want to.)

The long promised pages of Lord of the Dance!

I still have more pictures to scan - but I'll be off for the weekend. Hi Ebi, I am visiting you! So everything else has to wait up to next week. See you next week.

That reminds me! I still seem to have problem with the guestbook. Lycos is converting their guestbooks, so I have to wait it out up to Thanksgiving. Hm... let's wait and see...

part II

If chaotic way of working is somewhere - it's definitely here in my room. Gosh - I am jumping from one area to another... and not really finishing one.

-  Friends - has changed! - more pictures
-  one more CD from Darius Merstein is in my hands.
-  more CD's from Ethan Freeman, more info will come
    soon too... gosh, it will getting late today.

  18.11.2000 Okidoky... have check some of the links here. Corrected some in the stories (not just) for girls. Let's start with Lord of the Dance for a change.    
part II
Har-har... the moment I put a sorry on my page about that my guestbook doesn't work - it starts to work again. So much for havin' problems for a couple of days.    

Hi there - me again. I somehow have trouble with my guestbook - unfortunately others too - so it's nothing I can do about it right now. Hopefully soon Lycos solved whatever problem they have. Until then - why not mail me? I promise to answer!

I love feedback.

I changed the link pages - because I found it little confusing. Hm - anything else - no. I will be working the whole weekend at this pages - so let's wait and see.


A lot has happened - not so much here - that's what I start on after writing this. It's more my private life.

I got a new job! - Believe it or not. Somehow a little unexpected, but not at least unwanted. Can't wait to get started in January.

So with a little feeling of uneasiness - since I leave the firm I worked for 9 1/2 years, but I will go on my with - highly motivated and eager to do something new.

  01.11.2000 My site has been awarded the JCUK Knights Technical Site Award. Puh.. I'm honoured and :-) happy! So I have an awards page now.    
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