February 2001 archives

Hi there - not much happened here. Sorry, but I have a new job, and it's taking much time - as well as the marriage of my sister in March.

Sad news, bad news.
Jekyll & Hyde is Closing!!!

30th of June will be the last day. Sniff! Saddest news of the year that this world class is closing... and will be "replaced" by Hair. Hm - no comment on that.

The new pages:
Christian Venzke - the saviour of the show
Franca Berlin - the new Mary
Maricel - the new Lucy


A new month a new thought... :o)

Not much time for anything else... :o(


January 2001 archives
  22.01.2001 A new navigation for Jekyll & Hyde - since I found that it began to become rather confused. Hope this helps... All pages course of that from Jekyll and Hyde (except the songs and the Flash animation) are changed.  

I now have an animated Jekyll banner ;-) - YES! You can use this to link to my page.


Puh - just a first upload not to loose the overview. Added some more Jekyll pages, changed the startpage (and yes - I started the SciFi pages - but haven't finished there yet...)

These are the finished pages:

Ariane Swoboda
Michaela Kovarikova
Jan Merchant
Stephan Brauer
Nicole Sieger

I added the musicians, the designer and producers of Jekyll & Hyde. Additionally I added more actors to the actors list - since I try to get a total list its kind of slow loading. Sorry for that I'll think about how the make it faster.

I added pictures of: Nicole Arlinghaus, Marshall Robert Cooper, Frank Delosch, Heiner Dresen, Antoine Godor, Burkard Heim, Christopher Morandi, Klaus Dietrich Maria Siebers, Peter R. Skaba, Markus Streubel, Silvia Vicinelli,Craig Lemont Walters, Ute Ziemer and another extra - Jan van Arkel.

The rest is not finished yet. But will be sooner or later. Depending on how much time I have.

  05.01.2001 Juhu... Ok there, found some rather small details that I didn't like about my page... Layout things for 800x600 resolution, so I changed several pages.
New thoughts
are on the net.
  04.01.2001 Ok - finally the Flash animation is as I wanted it... Thanks to Matthias - :o)! Except for the right laughter - I am still looking for a "better" laughter. Any Jekyll welcome - send a wav-file.  

Happy new Year!!!

Just found that Nicole Sieger has her own homepage, she performs at the time being the character of Lucy at my fav. musical - check out my links of Jekyll & Hyde and take a look. It's really great page!

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