December 2000 archives

Last change for this year. Added Gerd Kaczmarek biography to Jekyll & Hyde. Couldn't resist! Since I met this charming singer...

See you all next year!


Added a link page with great links concerning webpages and while working on that changed some bits and pieces.

Changed my winter greetings - Christmas is over - sniff! But since there is still snow out there, the snow stays!


Ok - more actors from Jekyll & Hyde. And some rather small changes here and there.

Mathias Schiemann
Ralf Rodan
Jonathan Kline
Ethan Freeman's
page changed

Hm - can't think of what else I finished. Off I am to Bremen - see some friends and guess what - enjoy my favourite musical...


Christmas is past - hope Santa believe you did right this year and you got your presents. My Santa's name is Mum and yes - I think she still loves me :-). Meaning I did :-) get presents!

Enjoy the last days of this year. I just did some minor changes on the front page and looked for link errors. (Infallibility is not guaranteed! But I am working on it.)

Oh - there is a new picture on my winter greetings - if you like?! A rather charming Santa.

And I do admit it again. I fooled around with the Jekyll pages - inserted a DHTLM script for easier navigation on the actors page. I think it's not just cool - it's even useful.


I saw snow in Bavaria!
The season starts :-)

Christmas time - Merry Christmas to all!!!

Did you imagine that it would snow in Germany this year? I didn't but am happy it's that way.

Just finished the next actor pages for Jekyll & Hyde:
Sören Fenner
Alex Friese
Karim Khawatmi

more will come - definitely!

  23.12.2000 Finished (somehow late this year) my season greetings - but I will work a little more on this pages Christmas!  

Another 10 days past... Puh! A lot of happened. I sneaked a little into my new job for 6 days. Won't be easy, but hey I wanted a challenge...

Finally my first flash animation (actually Matthias and mine - he helped me a lot) is ready - check out the startpage of Jekyll & Hyde!

See here the old Javascript version of it.

I also have to say thank you to Wilfried who knows his participation of this animation. :-)


On the run... just added 3 picture on my actors list of Jekyll & Hyde - Ulrich Allroggen, Brigitte Oelke and Lyn Liechty.

00:23 h

Take a closer look at... Jekyll & Hyde - what else - the actor pages have changed. More information on some actors - like Kenneth Posey, Leah Delos Santos and more.

Another thank you to Wilfried for some pictures he send me and forwarded me. :-)

Good night - and don't let the bed bugs bite!


Busy times - Christmas is coming closer - so does the last day at my work. I do have a new job - beginning 1st of January. But if you think I have more time cause of this - WRONG - I don't.

My new guestbook works fine :-) I just keep the one from Lycos because of some of the entries. Oh - it's working btw again. Har-har.

Why doesn't the new Netscape 6.0 do what I want, why did they change it - and why is the IEE 5.5 out now, when I don't have time at all. Geeeeze!

I am workin' on it.

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