June 2001 archives

One more actor Veit Schäfermeier for my musical passion. Crazy world. This world class musical will close it's door at the 30th of June... what a sad day... I will bring up some picture of the last "Day of the open Door" and some pics of the end of some shows I visited - soon...

But as you figured out, my time is shorten in on me... so... I am sort of fixed to Jekyll & Hyde... so forgive me! Also I will start a German webpage about this musical which you will find here....



Btw - I started a "little" golf page of a dear good friend of mine... Fritz a German Golf Professional. It's a German page, but if you are interested?

Take a look!


May 2001 archives

Ok - I am doing an endspurt for Jekyll & Hyde! Let's see if I can finish the more important parts of it before my favourite musical show is cancelled.

More bios of actors some new pics - and more will come!

Harrie Poels              Jessie Roggemann
Katherine Krueger    
Joanna May
David Josefssohn
     Christoph Goetten
Michaela Kaiser        Dieter G. Knichel

from the new cast:
Michael Chadim    Samantha Cross      Thomas Harke
Stefan Huebsch    Sören Kruse     Ray Strachan 
Christine Schürmann   Thorsten Tinney
Ellen Wawrzyniak        Daniela Wildprad

    April + May 2001 archives  

Finally - I found some time do change little bits and pieces... I scanned a lot of pictures new and do try out some new stuff, but my new job keeps me busy... so keep on being patient with me.

I changed the background - since I got tired of the old one. I actualise a little the names on the Jekyll actors pages and added bios... :o) enjoy!

Kirsty Adams    Craig Cameron    Monika Dehnert
Ian Gallagher   Karin Germann    Walter von Bülow
Peter Franzon

added pictures of Maricel, corrected Nicole Sieger Bio.

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