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This is still a small and still not really organized corner...
I promise I'll work on that - sooner or later...

Best Pretender page ever and everything around the actors
- a must for every fan!

These are some interesting links regarding musicals.

Mr. Musical

Das Musical Forum

The Phantom of the Opera Appreciation Site

The Phantom of the Opera

Verzeichnis rund um das Thema Musical

Stella Musical World

An abundance of links and more for Musical Theatre fans

Sound of Music


Uli Stein Homepage

AUTSCH! Das tut weh...

Die Mistmäuse!

Virtuelle Bärengrüße übers Internet

Das ist die Seite, wo die Bären wohnen

Cyber Kino

buzz - 14 top European destinations to choose from

Die Reisezeitschrift REISE & PREISE - Ihr Reisemagazin

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