If one hasn't remarked it by now - I do love movies and some tv-shows. Not just SciFi... I lost somehow my heart to animations. So much for a Saturday morning on a couch and watch kids tv for about 1 hour or so.

  But to be true - most of the animated movies are more for adults than for little kids. Or maybe they are made that way - that the parents who have to accompany their kids are not too bored.

  Even though this page is too:

I want to give you
a small glimse of what to expect...
there you go!

Toy Story 1 and 2 - are great movies!

Captain Future
- hero of my childhood!
Chicken Run
Just for the fun of it - the English Chickens
are too funny! And Mel Gibson is speaking
Rocky the Rooster
Antonio Banderas in the 13. Warrior
another favorite movie
Dragonheart - the way I always believed in dragons
Since I'm at it - I do have a passion for knights in shining armour
Matrix - I don't know anybody who does not like this movie!
X-MEN - a movie they tried to make bad
before it appeared. I don't care I liked it...
and had some sleepless nights in LA
because of Wolverine. :-)
Tim Burton - always somebody on whose work one should take interest - like Sleepy Hollow or Nightmare before Christmas. Though I never understood why Nightmare was allowed for children from 12 up.
Eddie and the Cruisers -
good rock 'n roll music combined with a great and well told story!
"There can be only one!"
Might be true - the first movie and this tv-series. Thank god, there are re-runs!
Gladiator - Gosh, a Ben-Hur-like movie done nowadays! What a story and what great actors you find there. A real good movie!
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