Michael Flatley

- who hasn't heard about the dance extravaganca - pushing Irish Dance on a new and more popular level? I don't think that I find anybody saying yes here.


  And yes - 2 years ago - I went out to see the show in London, because this man decided to stop dancing. Well, this decision did not really last that long, since he is on stage with his new show Feet of Flames 2000. Not to be mistaken with the show Feet of Flames which was recorded 1998 at the Hyde Park. It's a new show and if I'm truthful - I do miss some parts of the "old" story and spirit.

  I was fortunately invited to Rotterdam this year to see Michael Flatley perform again. (Thanks again, Bruce ;-) for the great birthday present) 
Yup - Michael still knows how to fascinate people with his dancing. One of the most impressive solo I ever saw.

  More will follow about his latest show, some picture I have - and you will see that I finally got my autograph!

  Oh and yes - Michael is out for the movies. This is from 'The Hollywood Reporter MIFED 2000 Special Issue', Oct. 24-30, 2000 (MIFED is an international film market, and ran in Milan, Italy from Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2000, and 'THR' is a trade paper for the entertainment industry):
  Goldcrest Films Intl., 65-66 Dean St., London W1V 6PL, UK ; Phone: (44-207) 437-8696, Fax: (44-207) 437-4448 ; Debuting product: Lord of the Dance (working title) ; (Drama) ; Producer: Matt Mazer ; Cast: Michael Flatley, Carmen Electra. A man travels to Dublin intent to uplift Irish Dance to success on the world stage while researching the mystery of his family history. (preproduction) - thanks to Evi for sending me this information :-)

more about Lord of the Dance
more about Feet of Flames
  Little more about this show.
  Some pictues I took in London 1998 and some information about the "new" Feet of Flames.
the music of...
more about the musicians



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