Sat. 25th of July 1998

I was there!!! Yes, yes - we love you Ireland!

  What elso to tell you about the show - it was one of the greatest evenings in my life. After the show we spent the rest evening in the same Irish pub where we started and had "louts of fuun"! And we still meet from time to time - all over the world to see one of the troupes with all the talented dancers perform.

often used word
in this show

the booklet from Feet of Flames in London - cover

and backside.
Daire warming up
Celtic Dream
famous feet
This is my favorite part - all musicians play
on stage with Michael...
...and seem to have a lot of fun.
Looks pretty far away - it wasn't that bad.
Its just the camera...
me at the gates of FoF - London 1998
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