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  The in Lübeck born Thorsten Tinney stood already in his hometown on the stage, that meant the world for him.

  After studying he followed his "voice" and went on to study at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover".


  Peter Weck literally took him from there to the Vereinigten Bühnen (united stages) of Vienna, where he performed after "Freudiana" the character of "Raoul" in Phantom of the Opera and "Valentin" in "Kuß der Spinnenfrau" (kiss of the spiderwoman) - also discovering his enthusiasm for hiking.

  In his following engagements - "Sweeny Todd", "Evita" and "Die Drei Musketiere" (the three musketeers) - he could life up this passion in countries like Italy and Swiss.

  After another stop in Vienna, where he was "Billy Flynn" in the musical "Chicago", Thorsten is now happy to be back home on stage. He portrays the new Sir Danvers Carew and Utterson.

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