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  The 1970 in Wesel born Thomas Harke got his education to become a musical actor in Münster and at the Hamburg Stella-Academy and has a remarkable repertoire to show. He portrayed the title role of "John f. Kennedy" in the Rock Opera "JFK - Where is the Vision?" and is also heard & seen on the official recording of the CD and the Video.


  For the next 3 years Thomas played the first cast part of "Kronprinz Rudolf" in "Elisabeth" in Vienna. Also in this role you hear him on the double live CD. In the Füssener production of "Ludwig II" he portrayed the "Rittmeister Hornig", the castle actor "Josef Kainz" and the Hofkapellmeister (master of the court chapel) "Hans von Bülow".

  Before joining the cast of Jekyll & Hyde Thomas performed the character of "Harlequin" in the European premiere of "Triumph of Love" in Stuttgart. Thomas is now on the the ensemble swing appearing as Simon Stride, Sir Archibald Proops, Lord Savage, Poole, Ned and Jack.

   If you ask me - many character for a start. I saw him as Poole recently. Young, pretty young for an "old butler"... :o)

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