The Musical Theatre Bremen used to be a public swimming bath and there is even the "rumour" of the phantom of it, whenever some stage technology fails to do what it should.

  But that should not scare you off, to visit it in the Richtweg. You have the opportunity to eat - after making a reservation - at the exclusive Mayfair Restaurant or get a cocktail at Henry's Bar. The Theatre itself offers some small snacks - the hot-dogs are great, when you get them! - and off course drinks like Good 'N Evil or JH 7 - the dubious formula.

  It provides the right feeling of a theatre evening. Even though it feels awkward to be there at a Saturday afternoon, but nevertheless every time I was there, I went afterwards delighted home.

  So a big "Thank you" goes to the the employees and the perfect - and changing - performances of the actors make every visit more than worthwhile!

  To visit them again, again.... and again!



It is a wonderful theatre - take a look here!

the "Richtweg in Bremen"  the Mayfair Restaurant    the theatre at
  picture by Toffee                                                    night   


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     I truly admit - I enjoyed every visit there...
     and these are all my tickets!
But I do have more... :-)
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