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  Stefan is a real "Son of Hamburg" and was trained at the Stage School of Music, Dance & Drama and at the Stella-R1-Academy. With his own production company he put up a tour production of "Cabaret" (with which he also performed at the Waldau-Theater in Bremen) and "My Fair Lady".

  Next to performing the character of "Freddy" he also did the directing. Another main focus of his is the area of children theatre, so he brought "Emil und die Detektive" (Emil and the detectives) and "Pünktchen und Anton" on stage.



  He stood on stage at the Bale de Variete in Basel with "Grease" and nation-wide with several Stella-muscial-galas performing among others "Frollo" of the "Glöckner von Notre Dame" (hunchback of Notre Dame) and "Krolock" of the "Tanz der Vampire" (dance of the vampires).

  The audience of Hamburg knows him from the Schmidt Theatre, where he portrayed in "Ahoi-Die einzig wahre Seemannsrevue" (ahoi-the only true sailor revue) the "1. Officer Jonny".

Stefan Huebsch
picture by Doris Isensee
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  Next to his work at the Jekyll & Hyde theatre as first cast of "Lord Savage" Stefan is also responsible for the development and directing of firm events with his own company where he is responsible for the artistic order of events.

  Stefan is with the theatre in Bremen since April the 20th.

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