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  Sören started his training at the Hamburg Stage School of Music, Dance & Drama in 1997. Already during his studies he was present with various singing and acting performances among others at the music hall in Hamburg and at the St. Pauli-Theater and gained experiences as presenter.

  As ensemble member of the Calvin Klein Underwear, Show & Dance Tanzshow (dance show) Sören proofed his stage dancing abilities.


  He also performed in Hamburg the title role of the musical "Eclipse" which he also directed. In "My Fair Lady" directed by Frank Buecheler at the St. Pauli-Theater Hamburg Sören performed the "Oberst Pickering" before he dared the jump from the river Elbe to the river Weser in Bremen.

Sören Kruse
picture by Doris Isensee

  You see Sören now in Bremen since the 20th of April as first cast for "Jack" and many times afterwards in the bar of the theatre after the show. Charming ! Extremely charming... On and off stage!

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