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  Peter absolved his acting education at the "Staatlichen Hochschule" for music and theatre in Hannover. After that he had at different full time jobs for several years at the city stages in Osnabrück, at the Theatre in Baden-Baden and at the country theatre of Braunschweig. Afterwards he work as a freelancer at several theaters in Hamburg, Hannover, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf as well as working for the festivals Bad Hersfeld, Bad Gandersheim, Ettlingen and for tours.

  Peter played different roles as "Amphitryon" in Amphitryon", Bruno" in "Die Ratten" (The rats), "Referent" in "Ein Bericht für eine Akademie" (A report for a academy), "Carlos" in "Clavigo", "Psychologe" (psychologist) in "Strafmündig" (criminal responsibility). "Thoas" in "Iphigenie", "Lloyd Dallaw" in "Der nackte Wahnsinn" and many more.


  His first excursions into the musical genre were as "Fred Graham / Petruchio" in "Kiss me Kate". Peter also appeared in several film- and TV-roles and worked for radio, synchronisation and commercial productions. In summer 2000 he played at the "Schlossfestspiele" at the "Staatstheater" of Schwerin the racator of "Richelieu" in the "Die drei Musketiere" (the three musketeers). With his engagement at the musical theatre in Bremen he appears for the first time at an ensuite production on stage.

  You see Peter as the butler of Dr. Henry Jekyll and in some side characters, for example the blind guy walking straight over the stage. He premiered on the 30th of September 2000.

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