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  Nicole Sieger is born in Osnabrück. At the Dance / Singing Studio Theatre in Vienna she finished her musical education. She gave her musical debut as "Graefin Sztàray" as premiere cast of the musical "Elisabeth" during her time there and appeared in the title role on stage of the theatre in Vienna.

  After that the European wide tour of the musical "Cats" followed where she stayed with in the role of "Grizabella" at the Operettenhaus in Hamburg when "Cats" opened it's ensuite production there. Nicole performed more than over 600 times since than the character of "Grizabella".

From Hamburg Nicole turned to Stuttgart in 1998/99 to become the first cast of "Ellen" in "Miss Saigon" and finally returned to "Cats" in Hamburg as "Grizabella". As soloist you hear Nicole on the Stella produced CD "Millenium Musical Highlight CD". Since June 2000 Nicole belong to the Ensemble of Jekyll & Hyde, where she played Lucy as alternate and first cast. She left January 2001 to return to "Cats" which moved now to Stuttgart to be "Grizabella" again.

  I had the pleasure to see her recently as Grizabella - the glamour cat. What a performance and what a show! Absolute fantastic. I hope she has a great time there...

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