The Musicians

Piccolo, Flute, Alt-Flute: Pepa Maira Eberhardt - Oboe, English Horn: Sebastian Schoberansky
Klarinette, Bass-Klarinette, Alt Saxophon: Odilo Ettelt - Horn 1: Dieter Ring - Horn 2: Aki Yamauchi
Trompete - Sten Ivar Freydenlund - Posaune: Peter Wild - Percussion: Jörg Künzer / Hans Rudolf
Bass Posaune: Dirk Terwey - Klavier, Keyboard I: Carsten Paap - Keyboard II: Jennifer Hamman
Keyboard III: Christoph Buskies / Sebastian Plate - Programming Keyboard: Christoph Buskies
Violine I: Alexander Porotzky (Konzertmeister) / Catalin Drosu (Stelly, Konzertmeister) / Cornelia Renz
Violine II: Silia Hopmann (Vorspielend) / Pinar Esin Savci / Eren Seeber
Cello: Birte Schultz (Vorspielend) / Eva Kuhn - Kontrabass, E-Bass: Christian Niehues

directors: Koen Schoots, Matthias Deneke (and some more - still looking for all the names!)

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  This is a rather older picture from the first little booklet you could get 1999. But many of the musicians are still there. But nevertheless - these people too make every visit worth it!

  What would you do in a musical without them? Not much! You need them to build the atmosphere and the spirit.

Thanks for the many wonderful times
you played for me / us...

You are great!


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