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  The singer Maricel was born 1976 in Hannover. Determined since being a teenager the followed the music. She writes and composes independently. With 13 the wrote her first song.

  Her first single "Still waiting" appeared at Universal Music. With it Maricel made it to the 1 place of the radio ffn-auditors-charts and into the sales charts of the Netherlands. For 2001 the publication of her next single is planned.

  Early on next to pop music the musical theatres played a large role in Maricel's life. Right after the "Abitur" (school leaving exam with university entrance qualification) she visited the Musicalschule Vitzum-Durukan (musical school) in Hannover. Private singing lessons added to the perfection of her voice. After 4 years as singer in an international band 1996 Maricel got her first main character in the musical Chickoo's Traum (Chickoo's dream) at the theatre at the Aegi in Hannover. 1997 she set up a pretty successful musical ensemble for gala appearances at companies like Mercedes Benz, BMW and IBM.

  Maricel worked with much engagement at the CD-production "The most famous Musicalsongs" of 1998.


 You see Maricel no up to the end on June and the musical in the character of Lucy. Standing for the first time in an ensuite-production as singer and actress on stage.

Maricel & Darius Merstein
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  I saw Maricel now twice as Lucy - WOW!!! Breathtaking performance and not to forget her voice!!! Remarkable... I really do hope to see her more times, before the unchangeable end comes....

  For more information check out her homepage:

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