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  The 1973 born singer - Joanna May - is from London, the genuine scene for musicals. She got her education at the Danceworld Stageschool in Basildon, England. The mezzo-soprano brings widespread far-reaching capacity and background into the production. She learned jazz, tap dance, modern and ballet dance from the bottom and notes for her up to now a very impressing diversity of engagement on stage, movies and TV.



  Shortly before the first start of the rehearsals for Jekyll & Hyde Joanna ended her European wide tour of the "20th Century Musicals 2" with "The Movies" as soloist. Before that she performed in Scotland the character of "Princess Jasmin" in "Aladdin" and had for Ellie Jay Theatrical Services engagements in "The Magical Musicals", "The Rock & Roll Experience"and "The Good Old Days of British Music Hall" as well as in "The Starlight Girls" for PtO Cruises.

  Joanna worked many times in Japan, where she produces many shows, worked out choreography's and too performed on stage. Additionally the played the role of "Capricorn" in the movie "Silent Wisper" and presented for LIVE TV the music show "Teddys DJ Jam".

Joanna May
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  From the first rehearsals up to the 19th of April Joanna has been a fun member of the ensemble. She performed the characters of "Fanny" as first cast and Lucy.

  Let's wait and see where we will meet her again and of course in which show.

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