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  Jessie Roggemann is born in Hamburg and began at the age of 16 her singing education at Charlotte Cavelle. 1995 she started studying musical acting at the "Berufsfachschule für Bühnentanz" in Hannover and continued it in Berlin and Vienna.

  Already before and during her education Jessie had engagements at several musical galas; for example in 1992 in Hamburg at the gala "Menschen, Träume, Musicals" (human beings, dreams, musicals) and was in Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Vienna on stage. She had her first musical role 1996 in "Chikoo's Traum" in Hannover. 2 years later sang and played in Vienna the "Val" in "A Chorus Line".


  In Jessie you find another one of the ensemble who has been since it's beginning with the show. She performed the characters of "Polly" first cast and ensemble swing. She has the characters of "Fanny", "Kate", "Molly" and "Mary" also in her repertoire.

  She left around March 2001.

  You can see Jessie now in Stuttgart at "Tanz der Vampire" as 2nd cast for "Magda". Unfortunately I did not have the luck to see her on stage when I visited the musical this Easter Sunday.

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