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  Dieter G. Knichel got his acting education at the Folkwang-School in Essen. Engagements at various German theatres like the Stadtheater Rheydt, the Kammerspiele Düsseldorf, in Ingolstadt, Wupperal, Munich, Konstanz , Lüneburg, Berlin and Hamburg.

  His versatile repertoire goes from roles in "Kabale und Liebe", "Der Kaufmann von Venedig" (Salesman of Venice), "Don Carlos" and "Die Physiker" (the physicians).


  To the musicals you could see him belong "Hello Dolly" (Cornelius Hackel), "Chicago" (Conférencier) and "Wirtshaus im Spessart" (Räuberhauptmann).

  Dieter worked in many movie and TV-productions. The more known shows are Detlev Bucks "Karniggels", the TV-series "Hagenbecks" and the "Schwarzwaldklinik". He also has a reputation as director - he directed among other "Das Nest" (the nest) by F.X. Kroetz, "Ein Inspektor kommt" (an inspector comes) by P.B. Priestley and "Klare Sicht" (clear view) by P. Young.

  You saw Dieter as the helping butler "Poole" at the theatre for some time. But as many others he is not there any more.

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