Find here information about some of my favourite performers who drew my attention visiting the musical in Bremen. I admit, the girls get a little short here somehow and many of the other actors, too - but nevertheless all together they make the magic work and the atmosphere is less than half the fun without them.


  In advance I'd like to make one thing clear - I will not participate in any discussions about who is better in any kind or not. I like all of them... and scenewise I prefer the interpretation of one: sometimes just a small glance or gesture, a pronunciation or just a word - sung or said! The difference is what makes it interesting for me to watch them.

  All of them are equally great and fabulous performers and just fun to watch and listen to! Whenever I had the luck to see one of them - I was more than delighted... Since many of the actors portray more than one character I erased the character title's otherwise I end up changing this page to many times...

White marked names - are linked to whatever information I could find,
if you want to know more. If you find any mistakes, please, e-mail me!
Pictures usually have a larger version linked behind.

For your information - all pictures © to the Bremer Musical Theatre
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My favourite performers at Jekyll & Hyde :
  more about Ethan   more about Darius

Ethan Freemann
more about him


Darius Merstein
more about him


Michaela Kovarikova
more about her

  A great Lucy and Lisa! I couldn't tell which I love to see her more in.

  I saw her many times - my god, she plays "her heart" out! (Sorry for that clumsy expression!) She fills Lucy with life, love and passion. And her Lisa is so desperate. Intense is what she performs and sings.


Jan Merchant
more about her

  She is my favourite Lady Beaconsfield , 'cause of her appearance and accent.

  And she really is dying on stage. Always... fun to watch and charming to talk to.


Leah Delos Santos
more about her

  I enjoyed the way performed Lisa...


more about her

  She joined Jekyll & Hyde in February 2001!!! What a performer and what a voice.

  Definitely one of the best ever seen as Lucy!

picture of Gerd as Sir Danvers
© Kirsten Dannemann

Eberhard Storz

  I had the pleasure to see him several times in August. Just like my father. Ok - not really, but close! ;-)

  He has been with the theatre since it's beginning in 1999, but one can't change it that actors go.


Gerd Kaczmarek
more about him

  Being lucky I saw him premiere at Ethan's official last appearance. What a voice! No wonder he spend many times on opera stages.

   It's a pity that many of the roles in Jekyll & Hyde are rather small. Just my humble opinion.

  He left on the 1st of April. Sniff, he returned to Berlin where he will be the "Frodo" at the "Hunchback of Notre Dame".            Good luck Gerd.


Ariane Swoboda
more about her

  A great Nellie with a beautiful voice and an expressive face.


Sören Fenner
more about him

  I've seen him many times as the always trying to help friend of Jekyll. On the other hand - he's a impressing Sir Archibald Proops... Hard to decide. In both parts he's just great!


John Wiseman

  I like him as well as General Glossop and as Sir Danvers Carew. A great actor to portray both characters...

  But preferably I see him as General.


Karim Khawatmi
more about him

  This guy surprised me the last times. He is a fabulous Simon Stride! And then he showed up as Utterson and the next show as Spider. Gosh! He was really great! Amazing! Homepage see links!

  Unfortunately the 19th of April was his last performance. He too will be missed.

Good luck for you!


Mathias Schiemann
more about him

  His appearance is exactly how I would imagine a bishop in London that time.

  The one and only "Bischof von Basingstroke"!


Harrie Poels

  If you read program of any musical you find characters you are titled as swing. And you'd think: "Ah... not so important!" But you are so wrong. Harrie is for example playing swing, which means you see him in close to every (except for Jekyll I think) male role in the play. Not many can achieve that! He surely does.

Lord Savage

Ralf Rodan
more about him

  He simply is Lord Savage! But as I heard he will be also appearing as Simon Stride! Let's wait and see.... :o)
   Can only be great, or?


David Josefssohn

  He whose name is close to his character one's. I like him as Davie and missed him the last times in September & November!

He is still missed!!! 22.01.2001

last but not least

Alex Friese
more about him

  It's a not that much liked character in Jekyll & Hyde, selling of women and kids to whoever pays the price. And Alex does give him the mean & ruthless touch this character needs to work!

the picture of Alex as Spider
© Wilfried Wagner

Wilfried Wagner
more about him

  How many times one can appear on stage with always changing costumes? I do not know. Wilfried is seen as - Jekyll's father, male nurse, Lisa's grandfather, Bobby, gravedigger and photographer. All ways fun to see him.

both pictures © Wilfried Wagner

More to come!
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