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  Thanks for stopping by. Indulge in the story of despair, hope, love, passion, murder and insanity...
                               ...the story of Jekyll & Hyde.

The central station in Bremen Dec. 2000
picture by Wilfried Wagner - Thanks :o) Tina

  Sad news, lousy news - bad news... it seems that the worst fear for any musical has hit my favourite one... The end is being discussed and as it looks right now the last performance will be at the 30th of June!

  Sniff - what to say if you have a world class musical right in front of your door and it moves to Vienna. I surely believe that it will be the hit for Vienna, but I think it's kind of sad that not everyone in Germany knew about having it right here in Bremen.

  I surely will miss it - and try to see it as many times possible from now on. It's worth every minute you spent there! It is the best you can see right now.

You don't believe me - see for yourself!

  For those who haven't realised it (by now :-) ) - this is my way of saying "thank you". This musical helped me to find a new way and gave me a lot of strength to get some new things in my life started. These are the songs that inspire me most...

this is the moment / Dies ist die Stunde

take me as I am / Nimm mich, wie ich bin

a new life / Ein neues Leben

alive / Das Gefuehl von Edward Hyde

These are just some of them.

  (Even though this is a English written webpage - who will find the German lyrics here. But I also display the English songs as far as I have them.)













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