Neighbor George


  There was this good looking brunette, that was just getting out of the shower. As she wrapped a towel around her, she yelled out to her husband that she was done and he could take his shower now.

  As she was going down the stairs the front door bell rang, still in the towel she answered the door. At the door was George from next door. As George was looking at her, he takes out two hundred dollars says if you drop your towel to your waist I'll give you this money.

  She says what the heck and drops her towel to her waist and takes the money. After a few minutes of looking George then pulls out another two hundred dollars and says if you drop your towel to the ground you can have this also. So again she drops the towel to the ground and George gives her the two hundred dollars.

  As he leaves and she shuts the door, her husband, just getting out of the shower asks her who was at the door. "It was only George."

   The husband then asks "Did he say anything about the four hundred dollars he owes me!"

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