Mental Anxiety

Mental Breakdown

Menstrual Cramps


Did you ever notice
how all of
our problems
begin with men?

  So - this gives you a small taste of what you'll find here...

  Lots of it humorous, some of it sarcatic, but some of it unfortunately and painfully is true...

       ...and not all against men!

You will find other funny things here, too!

Dictated to:
  Every dissapointed, lied to, betrayed women
- and those who still hope for "prince charming"... Don't give up hope, have some laughs and continue your life...

This one's for you...

For every men curious enough to show up here...
it's not as bad as you think!
And I know we are not that different,
or maybe we are that different!
But maybe some of these truths
might get you thinking about it.

Don't get the wrong impression - I do love men!
Especially - nice, funny, charming, great laughter,
somewhat goodlooking and single!!!
Is that too much to look for or to expect???
Don't bother to answer! -Purely rethorical!



see for yourself
What to expect?
Take a look - and maybe able to laugh.
meant as written
I do get a lot of great emails with more and some of them are just to funny not to displayed. Have fun and read my favorite ones.
some fun stuff on the net
Same here - I do get too great links to have a look at...

If you have the feeling -
I am missing here anything -
feel free to send it me!
I will mention your name, if you want to.

Take a chance and email me!

For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet - This is FUN!!!
Not just for women...
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