I know - this is still kind of empty - but who knows... I am working on it!


"The unfairness of orgasms"
                 I just love this one...

What a Girl Wants
How true, how true!

Not really just a girl link, but a really funny page.

True Fortunes
Kind nice - if you like fortune cookies

Dance Like No One Is Watching
Great poems...

Electronic Meanderings
Forrest Gump
Kindly done, worth the look,
when you are in a thoughfull mood.

Many animated pictures, but really nice.

MORE Groaners
More about that

The Most Beautiful Flower
I got this links - it's kind of nice.

Monster Mash!
A cute Halloween page



see for yourself
meant as written
For anyone who hasn't figured it out jet - This is FUN!!!
At least for women...
girls only ;-)
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