Here is a lot to read - but... I don't care! These are some of the best emails I got by several friends (Hi Tricia, Antoinette, Beth, Amy, Toffee, Moogie, Robert and everybody else who did send some of this).

If any of you hold any ownership to this - no harm to any rights is intended with this! It's just for the fun of it and to give away some great laughter.

And if you feel anything is missing here - feel free to email me :-) - and surely your name will be mentioned, if it's wanted!

Notice of revocation of independence
  My favorite ones:  

Beginning of mankind


Chocolate is better than SEX!


Every womens fantasy


Handy comebacks


10 Things men understand about women


Here is the Problem


How a friend should be!


How to impress a woman and a man


Great T-Shirts for women


11 Truths of life


Advices to be passed on to daughters


The ultimate female fantasy



  Fun Stories  

Famous Quotes


Fun Questions


Goodnight Prayers


The Gravy Ladle


Help wanted


The King's Daughter


Men are like...


What gender is the Computer?

  Strange Truths:  

Isn't this the Truth?


Isn't English easy?


More from the Mouths of Babes


Operating Instructions


Pupils in school answered this


Things you learn from the movies


Think you know everything?


Tips to stay alive!


Women and Men


ABC of friends


Why did the Chicken cross the road?


A Smart Blond


The Story of The Three Bears




How blond is she?


Inventions by blondes


Three blonde Men


Need a push


Neighbor George


Never test a woman!


A new Bride


The Pitt Bull


Training courses for women

  Thoughfull stuff:  

Briggs of life




Top 10 why the 80's were better than the 90's


Child of the 80's


If a dog would be your teacher...


Forrest Gump goes to heaven


Points to Ponder


I have learned


Interview with God


Rita Rudners 50 Facts


The Rose


Resignation from being an Adult


What is time? Ask...



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