Here some fast footed faq's about this webpage:

  It's is fan-page, so not every is fast loading. Sorry for that - I work on it or keep it in mind. But - since this is done in my free time... I don't have always time for this.

  Yes - all pages are programmed by me! It's fun and I love to do it - given enough time,

  The Flash animation was done with the help of an ex-colleague of mine - Matthias Koester -

  I use Dreamweaver to design the pages. Adobe Photoshop 5.5 for the graphics. All designs are done by me. Graphic is usually mentioned where I got it from.

my logo  The Blond N' Blueeyed Logo will get you back to the very first startpage - keep that in mind, in case you get lost. :-)

  I think about a sitemap - but for the time being I still have to many under construction pages. When I started those I give it another thought.

  Updated - bet's you to my information page what I changed here. All important changes will be kept track of.

  Anything more questions?

Feel free to ask me via email!

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