Here I am again,

happy as can be
all among my friends
and jolly good company


What do you say to this name?

  Isn't it cool... but to admit, I ran out of domain-names. Everything I could think off was already taken.

  Even my names & nicknames! <sniff>

  Maybe out of sheer despair I tried this one and to my surprise - It wasn't taken!

  So this was the last chance and air - or was it: "Always look on the bright sight of life!?"

I really am back! Crazy as always....
Just a little gone - legend - history!

(My friends here know why....
It's this Jekyll & Hyde thing - going around in my head)


  Jekyll & Hyde is still going around in my head... who would have guessed, but the sad news is out for a couple of month now.

  Jekyll & Hyde will close on the 10th of June 2001. Sadder than sad is, that many I got so just to and loved to see on stage there are already gone. But never the less - new actors came up and I will surely give them a chance to win my heart, too.


So enjoy the few changes I did... see the updated page for information about what I did (or did not). As always - if you see any mistakes or if anything should not work properly - email me!

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