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    This page is dedicated to my friends. I know not all faces are in this picture - more is to come. Click on the picture for a larger view. Sorry - it's a little large. 97 KB, just to warn you in advance. Gosh - memories returned of how much fun we had and on most of the pictures you see that.  

More friends...

click for a larger view      Finn, Lena & Scout
pictures by Claus
    I recently met Claus - not that he has great taste for tea, great sense (ok - sarcastic, black, but I like it. :-) He titles himself as the 2 legged sheep) of humor - no, he also has three wonderfull friends. right picture /left to right - Finn, Lena and Scout  
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picture by Linda
    We all met in Bremen to watch Troupe 1 of Lord of the Dance performing in the Bremer Stadthalle. We did have a lot of fun :-)
- I can tell you!
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picture by Claus
Bruce's most favorite picture.
Sorry - ;-) couldn't resist!
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