When I was in LA 1999 I met many new friends who I had the chance to meet again this year, and so life goes next year again. I saw this poems framed at a wall in Robert's place and whenever I'm thoughtful I think at it and am full of enlighting memories about Malibu and LA.

There is so much passion in it - so I asked my friend if I could publish it and to my joy he said "yes". So here it is... enjoy.

Please note do not reproduce it or use it on other sides without permission.
Thanks for understanding...

  I must try to keep alive,
that precious hunger upon which I thrive.
The ageless beauty in love of man,
the thrill of life, that one brief span.
Now I'll seek virtues proven thru time;
still I'll learn to fall and I'll strive to climb.
I'll take the good and make it mine,
for my cup is filled with life not wine.
The cutting beauty blows of innuendoes
when given birth to hurt the fold.
Are unleashed thru vile crescendoes
from a very hateful heart that's cold.
I shall not fight this evil weakness
with the eye for eye cliche.
NO! I'll ignore its ugly venom
and turn my thoughts another way.
  If hypocracy must grow,
then let it harm the ones who show.
They neet this weakling's crutch
to fight the right they fear so much.
Now in expression there is mood
so let it be my daily food.
For in its realm I do confess
and find my world of tenderness.
It's a thing aside from wars and strife,
like a new approach to the tired life.
The needing man might well decide
to share those things he has inside.
The master pen when deft applied
can resurrect a mood that's died;
Can bring to life the printed page
to withstand the test of age.
  But how to build a heart that's strong
to do what's right, to change what's wrong;
Now these are things that I must find,
before I leave this life behind.
I must give vent this passion now,
and I pray it does some good somehow.
Perhaps just one who share my need
will give me love and take my heed.
And still perchance these things I feel
are real unjust or just unreal.
But as I live and as I breathe
I'll try my way before I leave.
written by Robert Colbert
- a dear friend from LA
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