Here you go - some more or less interesting facts about me.

name: Nowara
first name: Tina
born: 24. Feb. 1972 - fishes/Pisces
main characteristics: blond hair, blue-grey eyes, 1,68 m tall, sporty, optimistic, good humoured, seldom down, a good morning person - right awake and high spirited.

nationality: German, but I feel home where ever I am with my friends. I'd rather see myself as one of this planet not "just" German.

  I live in North Germany - so I refer to be a northlight. Good place to live - no bad nature catastrophes of any kind. For that I'm thankful.


  I grew up and still live in a teeny tiny village (130 people) named Sassenholz - right between Hamburg and Bremen. And yes, there are maps which show it.

my home / my parents house

  Many of my friends live in Bremen or Hamburg - only an hour drive away. But unfortunately not everyone of them lives close by. They are scattered all over Germany and elsewhere on the world. That supports my love for travelling, which I do a lot. And strangely enough I always end up knowing more people than before. Hi to all since I am meaning you - in the US, Canada, England, Austria and all over Germany.

  Since I already started with my hobbies - let's continue. I do love to travel, ride my car or up to April this year my motorcycle. I sold it - sniff. Music is a great part in my live - starting from listening to it, dancing to it, to sing or to play piano and some other instruments. Unfortunately the piano part is now more seldom than it used to be. But a day has only 24 hours and there is so much to do. I do love SciFi otherwise I wouldn't have a corner in web for it. This is another reason to travel and meet - actors as well as fans, who sometimes become new friends. I do read a lot English novels - crime stories, SciFi, Fantasy and what ever comes my way.

  Since I am talking about friends - I participate in a performance group. TAFKAV! We design costumes and perform on stage a small story to it. And yes - I used to "design" my own costumes - a long time ago.

TAFKAV - picture by Fotoagentur Netzhaut "Dirk Hoppe"

Favourite music: goes from rock, pop, jazz, blues, classics and musicals. I listen to everything... as long as it's music! No techno, please...

Favourite food: sushi, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Greek, usually depending what I feel like. I at least try it all! Usually we (my friends and I) try out new restaurants and countries. Discovery so far: other countries have great cooks, too.

  That's about all I could tell about me... It's kind of fun to think about how one see oneself. I hope you got a rather nice impression.



me 1995
Me 1995

Are you still reading...? Hm... there is actually a lot left out,
but I don't want to bore you further... :-)


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