Hello, you wanted to find out a little about me - that you are right here. As aready mentioned on the first page. I am back!

  First things first. I do a lot of things at the moment - not just sitting infront of my computer and trying to programm this little page of my own. So don't get the wrong impression. I will keep this page living. But there will be times when I can't work on it.

So - down here you see how little me started.


Yes, that is me... ;-) Cute, wasn't I!
    This is how my so far happy life began... and since I am a real optimist, I will make sure it will stay that way. "Never give up - never surrender!"


This is me - a more recent picture:


What will happen in this part of my web. Find out more about my:


  Ok - you still want to know who I am? Check this page out. Curious - ha?!
Ts-ts... I thought that is my part.

a friend page

  Since I wrote so much about my friends in my bio, I wanted to fill in this page. It's not much - yet - I did a small collage.
I know there are not all on it. Sorry!
I just got started. More to come.


  Places I have been to. The good thing about having friends - especially in far off places - is to visit them. Always a good reason to travel half across the world! Not much to see yet, but - it's a start.

endeavour   Robert - a dear friend from LA of mine wrote this. It is lovely and touching. Thank you so much for giving me permission to pubish it.
    More is planned - like my favorite music. Yes - the is more im my cd tower than Jekyll & Hyde... Hard to believe, but yes... it's true. Ever heard of Bruno? His acting name is Bruce Willis and he sings. So soon you will find out about cd's I like for what ever reasons - from Ricky Martin, Santana, Bruce Springsteen, Walt Disney's Hercules & Pocahontas, R. Kelly, Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, Queen, music written by Jim Steinman and many more.  
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